About MV WebDev

The goal of Monta Vista Website Development club is to promote knowledge of the skills needed to design and develop professional websites, to improve upon the skills of current webmasters, and to use these skills to better aid the community and the world.

Meetings, membership, and contact

Member meetings are held Fridays at lunch in E203. Meetings consist of fun workshops, lessons, tutorials, discussions, and demonstrations of websites and online applications. We provide various projects for members to work on and invite students of all skill levels to come and engage themselves in these meetings.

You can email us at officers@mvwebdev.com for more information or if you have any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!


Ajay Jain, President

Ajay Jain is a senior in his fourth year in the club. He's been making websites and apps for a long time and will be teaching members website, app and game development this year. Ajay loves competing in hackathons as well. Outside of WebDev, Ajay is the President of the Physics and Engineering Club and a captain of Parliamentary Debate. You can check out some of his work at Jainlabs and connect with him on LinkedIn.

Sameer Kapur, Director of Web Technology

Nikash Khanna, Director of Mobile Technology

Kashish Singal, Treasurer & Secretary

Isabelle Ju, Director of Operations

Mr. DeRuiter, Adviser