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Interested in programming, design, or just in the web?

Want to create your own professional website and impress people with your skills?

Would you like to make a game or mobile app?

Web and Mobile Dev teaches you web and mobile programming so you can:

  • Create websites, games, apps and interactive visualizations
  • Win big prizes in hackathons and competitions
  • Find internships and job opportunities

We cover all the techniques and methodologies involved in crafting a functional website through an engaging learning environment. We cover the material step-by-step every week and provide various reference documents, problems, and examples of good design.

For advanced to intermediate level web developers, we offer more in-depth discussions and insights into building online applications through server-side and database languages like PHP and MySQL. Learn all about complex concepts like page-load optimizations, caching, AJAX, and more!

Interested? Feel free to explore more about us on this website and sign up for updates if you haven't already.

If you can think it, you can build it

We offer the opportunity for you to show off your creative passion for programming and design by working closely with you on various projects throughout the year.


Think you really know your stuff and want to prove it?

During second semester we host our very own website design competition involving creating your own online portfolio or other interesting application. This is your chance to really impress both the members and officers with your work, which of course can then be expanded upon and put online!

Work experience

With over 50 diverse and unique clubs on the Monta Vista campus, there is a strong need for innovative and unique web designers out there to aid in enhancing each club's online presence, be it through their own website or social networks. We work with several organizations to provide you work opportunities and development experience.


As a member of MV WebDev you're given various resources and tools to help you become a professional web developer, and the most important resource of all is the other students here who are willing to help you succeed. Got an interesting idea for a startup or an application and need some extra help or consulting advice? Our officers are here to help guide you through the process and connect you with the right people to make amazing pieces of work.